Analysts and experts in data security have found that one of the major reasons why confidential data is compromised is because IT departments do not practice proper erasure procedures.  It would seem that a simple “delete” would be thorough enough, but unfortunately it is not.  A skilled (and unauthorized) person can access the low levels of a hard drive and retrieve information that has been thought deleted for months, even years.

The highest grade of data erasure is defined by specifications set down by the United States Department of Defense. We at Fox Blade Technology understand that and we are proud to offer the same level of data destruction to your business that The Pentagon routinely employs as standard protocol.

Fox Blade Technology team members  are not only adept at providing and installing previously-owned IT solutions, they are also highly-trained experts at erasing the data on the systems our clients already own and are preparing to dispose of.  Without physically damaging the hard drive or otherwise impeding its future performance, every bit and byte of data can be eradicated.  We employ tools that erase in bulk, and we make sure that the erasure has been thorough before releasing the hard drive to further disposition.

Data erasure is a critical step toward data security, and often the most overlooked. Fox Blade Technology is proud to offer this service, and we can promise complete and total erasure of obsolete data to prevent it from being misappropriated further down the line.