HP Gen9 Servers

Hewlett-Packard never fails to impress when they roll out new products, and this time they are taking computing and data processing to the next level with their Gen 9 ProLiant line of cutting edge server technology. This newest generation includes a number of models for every requirement and budget: BL460c, DL160, DL180, DL360, DL380, ML350, XL230a, XL730f.

This newest line was released August 28th, 2014, right on schedule with what we have come to expect with their 2 year cycles of updates. Customers can now counton accelerated IT service delivery capability, lower costs, simpler operation, and enhanced business growth among the benefits to be had with these quality products. HP understands the demands placed on today’s IT departments to deliver services, applications, and data storage as quickly as possible, and that is what they facilitate with this newest generation of ProLiant servers. Gen9 makes it possible to revolutionize data center and server architecture for exciting innovations that take IT to the next level.

Affordability, Scalability, and Flexibility

Some of the most affordable and exciting additions to ProLiant Gen9 are the DL380, DL360, and BL460c server models. Managing systems can be easier than ever for IT professionals because these products are packed full of new and improved features and great performance enhancements. These include HP OneView, which provides a comprehensive monitoring option for all system components, and HP DDR4 SmartMemory increases the compute capacity along with PCIe accelerators. ProLiant servers are flexible and offer excellent upgrade options that allow growing businesses to get exactly the technology they need, and add to it as their needs grow and evolve.

Gen9 is full of possibilities for mobile services and fast data delivery. Each server model has its own merits that span the gamut of modern IT needs. Users enjoy Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors and technology that will last for years and work easily and well with future technological advancements. A 70% gain in performance and 36% gain in efficiency over the previous generation of ProLiant servers makes it an excellent investment. Now there is more power packed into a smaller space, and this can help users dramatically shrink costs and boost profits. It is an exciting beginning to a business technology revolution.

HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers for Revolutionized Computing

With all of the great benefits that HP can offer standard with these new Gen 9 servers, you would be hard pressed to find anything that can better suit the demanding nature of today’s infrastructure. The HP ProLiant Gen9 Portfolio of servers offers faster speeds, expanded memory, and efficient processing that will help IT organizations to “Reimagine the server” and to “Think compute.” Hewlett-Packard is allowing businesses to capitalize on new opportunity, expand on demand, and combine every essential business technology function into a single comprehensive system in order to take their companies to the next level. HP’s newest generation of ProLiant server technology is changing the game by allowing users to take more control than ever before.