Embodying the original tale of corporate triumph from a garage (literally), Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard could scarcely imagine what their company (founded in 1935 with $538) would eventually become.  After going public in the fifties, Hewlett-Packard (commonly known as HP) would in the following decades become not only the largest provider of information technology in the world, but also the most diversified and ubiquitous.  From desktop computers on the shelves of the local “big box” stores and peripherals such as printers to large-scale network solutions, Hewlett-Packard is the epitome of the American success story.

In the business realm, HP is the recognized global leader of products and services for firms of every size and function.  Network-independent desktops are found aiding in small offices, while HP’s suite of servers, networking systems, software, and storage products drive the largest corporations and other private enterprise.  HP’s commitment to client support has become an industry standard.  And the company has never wavered from its mission to innovate and bring new products to market that will better benefit its customers.