Fox Blade Technology was founded in 2008 dedicated to a mission: delivering and integrating top-quality IT products and solutions for our clients while saving their organizations substantial costs.  We do so by providing previously-owned and refurbished servers, storage units, networking systems and other hardware from industry leaders like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and NetApp.  Pre-owned equipment arrives at Fox Blade where it is inspected, given assurance of quality and then configured per client specifications.

The members of Fox Blade Technology’s team – be they our consultants, our certified engineers and technicians, or our customer service staff – are among the most highly-trained and certified in the IT industry.  Just as your organization should not have to sacrifice money for IT equipment, neither should it give up the support of dedicated personnel.  Before, during and after your IT system is in place, Fox Blade Technology’s people are there for you, taking as much pride in our service as we do in our products.

Our mission is to serve our clients with an unparalleled degree of attention, reliability and expedient service.  Fox Blade Technology not only has a mission: we are defining it for all others to follow.