At Fox Blade Technology, we believe that the highest quality of IT products, service and support does not and should not have to come at exorbitant cost.  As a provider of previously-owned and refurbished IT equipment such as servers, storage, routers, switches and security systems from industry standard manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Cisco and NetApp, Fox Blade Technology gives IT administrators options perhaps never before considered.  Our products arrive to our clients fully tested, properly packaged with all of the power of systems fresh out of the box, but at a substantial savings.  Fox Blade Technology consultants and technicians examine all incoming equipment before being configured and shipped to you.

However, Fox Blade Technology’s assurance of quality goes further, with some of the most respected service and support in the industry.  We stand by our products 100% at the time of sale, as well as after it has been delivered and integrated into your organization’s IT.

Enjoy stretching your organization’s budget and peace of mind about your IT.  Fox Blade Technology’s quality control gives you the best of today’s technology; and trusted service above the norm.