You are an IT administrator, trusted by your superiors to manage and maintain your company’s information infrastructure.  You are determined that your department will deliver consistently reliable performance with the barest minimum of downtime and need for tech support.

You want to make the most of your IT budget.  And you don’t want to sacrifice quality and solid reliability to accomplish it.  The performance of the IT solution will always trump the immediate financial consideration.  But you have to get that solution in the first place… 

It can seem an insurmountable obstacle.  But it doesn’t have to be.  And with Fox Blade Technology, it isn’t.

Across the country, organizations large and small have turned… and are turning… to Fox Blade Technology for their IT needs.  They do so because they know Fox Blade Technology is at the top of the game when it comes to refurbished IT equipment backed up by superior technical knowledge and expertise.

It is a philosophy of excellence we bring to every facet of our enterprise. Our team is fast and accurate and will have your product shipped, in most cases, the same day.  We are also considerate toward your investment: to date we have not had a single order or shipment damaged during transport.  Our engineers and technicians are some of the finest-trained in the industry and boast many of the highest possible certifications.  It is this team of technicians and customer service personnel that are available to your company when you need them most.

Why Fox Blade Technology?  We know our products.  We know how to make them work for you at significantly reduced cost.  Our people are smart and trained and very eager to help our customers.  And if for no other reason than because we excel at what we do.